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“Wonderful staff. Very gentle care. Worth the drive from Franklin. They treat you like family!” 


“He’s a fabulous dentist, and what a great practice as well. From the reception desk, getting my teeth cleaned, x-rays, exams along with great communication and advice the entire way. I really felt like they all cared about me. Thank you!” 


“I give Dr. Welsh 5 plus stars! I first met him when I called because I was having tooth pain and they got me in immediately. After meeting Dr. Welsh, he was so kind and understanding. He understands my phobia of dentists and was completely nonjudgmental. He completely put me at ease and suggested his recommendations. When I set up the appointment, he worked with me and my schedule and it was a breeze! It was completely painless and he did an amazing job! Both he and his assistant were truly fabulous. I would highly recommend him to all my friends and family. Kudos!” 


“Excellent staff who are also very good at their job. One place I don’t hesitate referring to friends.”


“I’ve spent the last 4 years trying to find a kind, honest dental practice in Nashville. I went to two different practices that told me they needed upwards of $500 to fill “all the cavities I had,” which seemed fishy to me, considering I’m in my late 20’s, have excellent oral hygiene, and never had braces or a cavity to speak of all throughout high school and early college. Finding Dr. Welsh was an amazingly lucky thing. They are in it for the integrity of your teeth and your well being – not just the money. They take a conservative approach to dentistry, and they only do work on what is necessary at the time. Every staff member I’ve encountered has been pleasant and extremely helpful. I was so relieved to find a dentist that my husband and I can trust, because we all know that is becoming more and more difficult to find.”

– K.S.

“I was in extreme amount of pain in both sides of my jaw from my bottom back molars both had cavities in them and became very infected I was told I needed to root canals which would’ve been awesome in a perfect world if I had a couple extra grand laying around to spend. Dr. Welsh reassured me that pulling the teeth was definitely an option and because it would much more affordable for me and it would not totally affect my eating, etc. Then that was going to be the best way to go. they did such an amazing job and that even let my support system (mother-in-law and sister-in-law) be in the room while they took the teeth out and I got to watch cartoons which is awesome (when it comes to the doctor anything dental I turn into a little kid) lol anyways I have found my life long dentist and will be visiting regularly for cleaning so we don’t have to go through any more teeth pulling.” 

– J.B.

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